Have You Heard?

Our new program offers rewards for referrals!

Have you Heard?

Have you Heard?

Referrals are the best compliment a person can give, and since we’re such a polite group, we always include a big thank you to those who go out of their way to refer Crystal Metz Insurance Agency to their friends or family. 

With every new prospective client, we ask, “Where or how did you hear about us?”

If your name is mentioned, you can look forward to a special gift that also supports our fellow business owners throughout Medicine Hat! 

Hearing that our customer service is personalized and friendly always feels pretty great, not to mention that you feel cared for as we are an experienced team. Whether the person you referred sets up insurance with us or not, does not affect our gratitude or your gift. Simply hearing that you believed and trusted in us enough to recommend us as an insurance agency, is all we want to hear!

We are incredibly grateful for each and every one of our clients, and we would not have grown without the community support. Thank you to our amazing group of current clients, and we look forward to meeting all of our new ones in the near future.