Only in Saskatchewan

How Crystal Metz transitioned from Farm Hand to Business Owner
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Only in Saskatchewan

Crystal Ellis was the worst farm hand you’ve ever met. 

Between shoveling grain up to her waist because she forgot to release the PTO while dumping grain into the auger, accidentally whacking roots off of trees while running the cultivator, or just generally blowing transmissions while driving waaaay too fast for what she was hauling, Crystal always seemed to work too hard, too fast and didn’t necessarily pay enough attention. 

It may have taken a few years, but her parents did finally find a job Crystal was good at way out west of Marengo, Saskatchewan - or at least, where she couldn't wreck anything anymore. 

Crystal was assigned to cleaning the shop! There she could use her natural organizational skills to declutter, sort and clean, while maintaining a safe distance from anything that she might decide to be young & reckless with. 

She may not have been the ideal helper out in those Saskatchewan fields, but Crystal was in love with them. 

Where else could you roam so freely? Explore and play and make up your own adventures? Learn to be creative and figure things out completely on your own?

Only in Saskatchewan.

Only in Saskatchewan

Crystal remembers discovering a giant hill (to her tiny eyes, of course) that left her in complete wonder. She remembers the open prairies all around it, picking crocuses and exploring as much as she could. 

She remembers the dugout behind their house where she would go down to catch frogs and try to fish.  

She remembers ripping around on her quad much faster than her mom, a school teacher,  would have liked. 

She remembers stealing her dad’s tools to build (and rebuild and rebuild and rebuild) her own fort. 

She remembers being constantly grounded for “borrowing” her brother’s Archie comics and getting caught every. single. time. 

But what she remembers most of all… were the people. 
There’s something about Saskatchewan culture that just stays with you.

Only in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, there’s a certain level of morals, of ethics, of wanting to help your neighbours and your friends. 

Crystal always found anyone from back home to be polite, respectful, trustworthy and yet so fun! People back home were happy, they knew how to have a good time, but would give you the shirt off their back in an instant. 

Maybe that’s why her and her husband, Colin Metz, hit it off so well - Colin just so happens to be a good ol’ Saskatchewan boy himself.  

Crystal knows that growing up where and how she did on a Saskatchewan farm helped shape who she is today. 

That sense of hard work, community and trust were ingrained in her belief system from an early age, and is truly at the base of how she views the world and runs her business today. 

Only in Saskatchewan

When Crystal turned 21, she followed a career in real estate all the way to little Medicine Hat. 

It may not have been Saskatchewan, but anyone who lives here knows it might as well be. The Hat is full of so many good-hearted and hard working people - not to mention that at least half of them originally came from Saskatchewan anyway! 

Crystal now runs a successful insurance agency here in the Hat (read all about her first insurance experience & why it pushed her to start her own business here). 

Her and Colin love living here and are grateful to be able to raise their children in such a safe and welcoming community that reminds her so much of her Saskatchewan roots. 

Who knows, maybe once the kiddos are all grown up, they’ll mosey back on down to Saskatchewan and start their own farm. Then again, with Crystal’s experience, maybe not. :P

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Only in Saskatchewan