Loving the Claims Process

Find out how helping other helps Jodi love her job.
Loving the Claims Process | CM Connect Blog

Loving the Claims Process

One of my roles here at Crystal Metz Insurance as our Service Specialist, is our Agency Claims Liaison. 

Recently, Crystal asked me what it was I liked about the claims process and I thought it would be easier to write it out.

If you really think about it, claims are insurance because insurance is based on claims. 

That's the whole reason we buy insurance, right? To put in a claim that will protect us, or reimburse us, or help us somehow.  

We all wonder about the what-if. We wouldn't bother paying for premiums if we did not consider the what-if's in our lives. 

I think it can be difficult to appreciate insurance - until you need to put a claim in. 

It can be difficult to understand the worth of your monthly payments - until you need to put a claim in. 

We've all heard a horror story from someone's cousin's brother-in-law's friend's gardener who had insurance that did not pay out or did not cover them. That is actually quite rare. 

We rarely hear about the other 99% of claims that actually go through. The policies that actually help people. 

Right now, we have dozens open claims and they are all set to go through. 

The claims process can be a sensitive and highly emotional situation, not to mention all of the insurance guidelines and terminology you are now trying to understand. 

That's why I'm here as a Claims Liaison. 

My job is to assist you through those difficult times. 

My job is to create an environment where your questions are answered, and you don't have to wait or stress unnecessarily. We even have a designated "quiet" room where we can meet to discuss the details of your claim, gather information and make any necessary calls, together. 

So to answer Crystal's question, I get to help people. That's why I love being a Claims Liaison. 

- Jodi