What Is Commercial Insurance?

Find out exactly what Commercial Insurance is and why you want to have it for your business.
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What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial Insurance, also commonly known as Business Insurance, is a full spectrum of different types of coverage that you will want to have if you run a home-based business, act as a contractor, own a small to large business, or are any other type of Commercial or residential business owner. 

Commercial insurance is not a part of your home, auto or other typical policies. This is especially important to note because many of the people who require Commercial insurance either don’t know they need it, or assume they are already covered under an existing policy (which they are not and can be a very expensive mistake to make). 

At Crystal Metz Insurance Agency, we will help you determine which types of coverage will fit your specific Commercial insurance needs because we understand the importance of planning for financial security for your business.

Here are a few of the different types of Commercial Insurance you will want for your business:

What is Commercial Insurance?

Property insurance is a type of Commercial insurance that will protect your building and the contents within, as the name implies. 

Property coverage is also called Broad Form. 

“Building” refers to the structure your business is in (if you own it), as well as any attached or detached structures on the same location as your building. This additionally will cover anything required to maintain your building, such as cleaning supplies and maintenance tools. 

The “contents” refer to your business inventory. These would be items such as stock that is for sale or kept in storage, furnishings within the building, as well as equipment used to operate the business.  

If you run a business, but do not own the structure you operate out of, you will want to look into “Business Tenants” coverage. This will insure your contents and the risk of liability that goes along with renting a space. 


What is Commercial Insurance?

Equipment Breakdown insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your business-related equipment. This would include items such as cash registers, computers, security systems, air conditioners, electrical losses and more, if they break down due to a covered loss. We can provide a comprehensive list based on your specific business. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

Business Interruption service is one of the most important coverages you will want to have. This will provide reimbursement directly to you for any lost income or additional out-of-pocket expenses if your day-to-day operations are disrupted due to a covered loss such as fire. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

Some things are completely out of our control - that includes theft and/or fraud. While we hope that as a business owner you never have to experience this, it does unfortunately happen. On the bright side, this type of Commercial coverage will reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses you occur from occurrences of employee dishonesty, theft, computer fraud and credit card or depositor’s forgery. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

General Liability insurance will cover the cost to protect and defend yourself against third-party claims or lawsuits. Again, we can’t control everything and sometimes accidents will happen. If someone were to get hurt (or worse), you need to be financially protected against expensive lawsuits. This includes cases for bodily injury, property damage, as well as personal & advertising injury lawsuits. 

In addition to these types of coverage, we offer Commercial insurance that helps protect against:
  • Loss or damage by flood, earthquake, roof water or sewer back-up
  • The costs to repair or replace  expensive equipment that may be damaged to due to a covered loss
  • Damage to contractor tools and equipment 

Coverage limits are always flexible, which means we can suit the coverage and costs to your specific needs! 

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about Commercial Insurance, or to complete an assessment of your coverage needs. Call us at (403) 526-1345 or email admin@medhatinsurance.com

What is Commercial Insurance?