Top 3 Things That Matter More Than Your Last Name

Learning to Focus on What Really Matters
Top 3 Things That Matter More Than Your Last Name | CM Connect Blog

Top 3 Things That Matter More Than Your Last Name

When Crystal Ellis started dating Colin Metz, she clearly recalls a visit with the mother of one of her good friends, Jenna. Jenna’s mom giggled to her, “Imagine if you two ever got married! How funny would that be!”

At the time Crystal didn’t get the joke. Now she does, but mostly because she hears it so often.  

People are always asking her, why did you change it?  Why wouldn’t you just keep your own last name?

The most honest answer is that it simply doesn't matter to Crystal. While Crystal cares about quite a long list of things, what people think about her last name is not one of them.  

She cared about marrying Colin, about starting a family with him. She cared about sharing his name and passing it on to their children. She cared about building an Insurance business from the ground up with that same family name, Crystal Metz Insurance.

What didn’t matter was all the noise. She says that just like so many things in life if you’re constantly worried about being judged, or what everyone else thinks, you’ll get nowhere. 

If someone said  they didn’t like the model of your car, would you care? If they thought you shouldn’t paint your house blue because they liked yellow better, would it matter? 

It’s all about perception and how you choose to react to others’ opinions. When you focus on what matters most, all that other “stuff” passes right by.

Top 3 things Crystal Metz believes matters more than your last name:

1. Protecting your Family 

Family matters above all else. It’s why Crystal chose to take Colin’s name, but it is also why Crystal chooses to educate others on the importance of life and critical illness insurance. She doesn’t want anyone to have to suffer when they are already suffering. 

Illness doesn’t care what your last name is. 
Top 3 Things That Matter More Than Your Last Name

Consider a situation where you were to suddenly fall very sick, or have a bad accident. Would you want your partner to be there by your side? Through all the hospital stays and doctor appointments and overnight trips to Calgary?

Imagine trying to manage all of that while still having to work & worry about how your bills are going to be paid this month, in six months, or next year. That’s what Living Benefits are for!

2. Supporting Your Community 

Top 3 Things That Matter More Than Your Last Name

Your community is your lifeline. This is built from your neighbours, your local businesses, your non-profit organizations, your kid’s sports & dance teams, the list goes on and on.

These are the things and the people that make your life better. By supporting each other, we can in turn make our community better! That’s what matters, and that’s why it is so vital to support your community through volunteering, sponsorship, mentorship, fundraising.

Find out more about our Our City in Colour initiative here.

3. Being True to Yourself      

Top 3 Things That Matter More Than Your Last Name

We only get one life which means being grateful for what we have, not what we’re named. 

At the end of the day, you know what is important to you, your family, your job or your business. Don’t let the opinions of others get in the way of that, and keeping or changing your name won’t make a difference either! 

Be confident in yourself and as that confidence grows, you will find it easier and easier to focus on what really matters. 

It’s interesting that as humans, we are so alike in many ways yet completely different in many other ways. That's why it simply doesn’t make sense to let others influence the decisions you make.    

People still make comments about Crystal’s last name. Crystal even jokes about it herself. As funny as it is sometimes, it is also the last name she is proud of and will never change. Not to mention, there are very few folks who haven’t heard of “Crystal Metz” in Medicine Hat by now! 

While there was that one guy Crystal ran into downtown a few years ago who was sure she made the name up and was most likely selling certain items out of the back of a van, as it turns out, she’s actually just educating people on insurance. What a letdown.