How to Prepare to Ride This Motorcycle Season

Get Ready to Ride with our Top Tips!
How to Prepare to Ride this Motorcycle Season | CM Connect Blog

How to Prepare to Ride this Motorcycle Season

Are you ready to hit the road with your motorcycle? Before you head out, make sure to follow our top tips for optimal riding this season! 


Never hit the roads without giving your bike a good once-over first! Clean off old grease, check your oil levels and other top up liquids such as coolant and brake fluids. Then inspect chains, check tire pressure, brake pads, mirror and other connectors such as license plate holders. You should also test that your lighting system is in optimal working order as well. 


Have the soles of your boots worn out? It may be time to get new ones. Remember to check pants and other protective gear/wear, as well as a quick helmet inspection (helmets must meet set safety standards and be replaced every 3-5 years, or if they have been involved in an accident). Safety first should be the motto of every rider. 


Make sure to give yourself a quick refresh on your riding skills. After a long Alberta winter of no riding, it is extremely worthwhile to quickly familiarize yourself with your bike before ripping out on the roads. Even if you've been riding for twenty years, it's always a good idea to give yourself a few minutes to warm-up.  


Make sure you are mentally prepared to hit the road. It's still early in the season and unpredictable weather can cause poor road conditions in the blink of an eye. Not to mention hidden snow banks or gravel covered roads that haven't been swept yet. Also be aware of other riders that may also be refreshing their skills for the new season, or just starting out on their first bike. 


Do you need to renew your registration, or update your insurance? Make sure you have the proper yearly sticker, and call your insurance company for an updated pink slip if you cannot find yours. Driving without insurance in Alberta can give you a fine anywhere from $2,875 to $10,000. And yes, even riding without proof of insurance can result in the same fines. 

We want you to enjoy being on the open road with your bike, but more importantly, we want you to be safe so that you come home each day to your family and friends!