Meet the Metz's | Quarantine Edition

Managing this new world of being a stay-at-home parent, school teacher, and business owner.
Meet the Metz's | Quarantine Edition | CM Connect Blog

Meet the Metz's | Quarantine Edition

Last month I was planning to share a blog on how Colin and I plan our work/life schedules. 

Having experienced our fair share of trial and error trying to figure out exactly what works for our family of 5, we finally found a system that ran pretty seamlessly (most of the time). My hope was that the blog would have helped other families and working parents find a balance - a way of living that works for your specific lives and families. 

Then suddenly, everything changed.

The WHO announced a global pandemic. Businesses began working remotely. School systems closed. Non-essential services were ordered to shut down. People weren’t allowed within 2 meters of each other. A sh*t tonne of toilet paper was bought. 

It has been an anxious time to say the least. Now, I’m sharing how our schedule and our lives have changed while managing this new world of being a stay-at-home parent, school teacher, and business owner. 

FAMILY TIME                                  

Because I am still running a business, I have zero mom guilt over not spending more time with the kids just because they are home more. Setting aside time without the kids helps me get through my tasks, and I believe it also sets a good example for how to maintain a strong work ethic. I know that I will have plenty of time to spend with the kids when I am not in my office, and Colin and I take turns being “on deck” with them throughout the day. We always help and support each other, but we also made a schedule so that there is always a dedicated parent for when the kids need us. 

We’ve talked to the kids about how fortunate we are because we are able to spend so much time together right now as well, and that not every moment is going to be a picture-perfect moment. In fact, most of them won’t be. We don’t have to be doing pinterest crafts or having happy smiling faces 100% of the time. Making lunch together, working through that math problem together, and simply just hanging out is still quality time spent together. 


I’ve always been an early bird. While I typically rise around 5am I now let myself wake up naturally. I make sure I go to bed by a certain time so that I can get enough sleep and I trust my body to wake me up. Getting enough sleep is really important because I know I will be better focused on my team, my work and on being a better mom when days get stressful or overwhelming. 

Meet the Metz's

I still wake up before anyone else because I am a morning person, but we’ve set a rule so that the kids know they are not allowed to bug me when they first wake up. Mornings are my office time and I need to be able to get organized and set my team up each day before managing my other tasks.


As a business owner it is my job to make sure my business and my team members stay healthy. I need to take care of them as much as my family and that requires dedicated time. The kids know my working time is important because we have discussed WHY I work! 

Kids (especially young ones) don’t always also understand how or why the world operates, so we made sure to sit down with them and explain things. We’ve told them this is why you have a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, food on the table, power to turn on the lights and tv - because Mom works. Now that they understand why I need to be left alone sometimes or why they need to stay out of my home office space, they listen and respect my time much more. 


There’s a new flow to the mix of flexibility and rules happening in our household right now. Nothing is rigid, but there are boundaries - for the kids and for the parents. Without this, either the children would rule the roost all day, or I would end up working all day. Or both would happen and chaos would ensue.

Now don’t get me wrong, the chaos still exists! It's a tricky time for everyone and some days are better than others. All we can do right now is try our best and not put too much pressure on ourselves to make each day go perfectly.  
Meet the Metz's

At the end of the day, you have to do what works for YOU. Everyone’s family has different dynamics, personalities and responsibilities. If you haven’t found a routine that works for you, I promise you will eventually. Maybe you’re a night owl and prefer to work when the kids are sleeping. Maybe the kids need to get kicked outside more. Maybe it’s time to renew that Netflix subscription and order in supper tonight!

The point is, don’t judge yourself for what you can or can not accomplish in a day. And definitely don’t compare yourself to other moms who seem to be perfecting this whole quarantine-parenting thing. Trust me, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of some of those “hallmark” instagram accounts than you think!  

- Crystal : )