We're All in This Together

An update from Crystal on the Impact of COVID-19 (so far)
We're All in This Together | CM Connect Blog

We're All in This Together

What a week this has been.  

This week we have all experienced what we never thought was possible and although this new reality of the unknown is pulling us physically apart, it is also bringing us even closer together. 

Now that this week has settled, and I am able to take a breath, I wanted to reach out to our clients and our community. As a local business owner, mother and wife, I feel your stress and I send you positivity and hope, knowing that we will be okay!

On Monday we closed our office to the public and started setting our team up to work remotely.  Because we are all parents, we knew we needed to take care of ourselves and families so that we can continue to help our clients. There were a few bumps along the way but we made it through. Since Sunday I think I have been surviving on adrenaline alone, sleep came only once I was confident my team was okay, our clients were taken care of, and of course, our families were alright as well.  

I am proud of my team! They all worked together seamlessly, ensuring no one was left behind. I am also proud of Desjardins, who’s billing department has stepped up significantly, are understanding and flexible, and are ready to help our clients through this time.  

This may be the only time we will experience EVERY SINGLE ONE of us having something in common. All of us are doing our best, all of us are feeling an anxiety we have never felt and most importantly, ALL of us need to be patient with each other, support one another and simply be kind. 

We are working hard remotely to keep up with the needs of each and everyone of you, please be patient with us : )

If you are experiencing financial strain due to lay off, please call us at 403-526-1345 or email us at admin@medhatinsurance.com, and we will work with you.

From all of us at Crystal Metz Insurance Agency, and our families, thank you for your support, thank you for being kind. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We will continue to communicate more than ever.


Take care, “talk” with you soon,

Crystal 😊