Meet Melissa Hozack

Crystal interviews Melissa to learn more about family, work and thoughts on business.
Meet Melissa Hozack | CM Connect Blog

Meet Melissa Hozack

At Crystal Metz Insurance Agency we are very connected to our clients and their families. It is for this reason that we decided we wanted to start doing monthly features where we connect with one our clients and Crystal interviews them to learn more about their families, their work and their thoughts on business.

This month Crystal connected with Melissa Hozack. Learn more about their interview below.

Starting her career as a pharmacist, Melissa Hozack and her husband Rob bought into the Pharmasave in Redcliff, Alberta, as partners in 2007. Since then, Melissa has expanded her role to include the sale of Ideal Protein and no longer dispenses behind the counter, but can prescribe as a pharmacist and send customers for baseline blood work. 

With the success of their business came an appetite for more opportunities. In 2018, Melissa and Rob opened Travois Ale Works, a successful small batch brewery, in downtown Medicine Hat. At the same time, they became co-owners of Jester’s Bartending Services.

Melissa also has three home-schooled children.

Crystal sat down with her client Melissa to ask how she manages such a hectic lifestyle. Here are 3 ways Melissa finds success:
Being a hands-on leader

Melissa believes in being a hands-on leader and says you have to be able to do the jobs that you expect others to do. Similar to how she coaches soccer, if  she wasn’t able to do the tricks or drills she’s trying to teach, it simply wouldn’t relay the same way.

She also does her best to motivate, encourage and foster the creative side of her employees. She says it is good to see what other people bring to the table because having employees should never be viewed as a child-adult relationship. There are always equal adults involved.

Advocacy and helping others

Melissa wants to see a change in the way we see food. She believes in using what we eat as medicine to prevent and reverse conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and thyroid, to name a few.

She is currently working with the Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition, a group of concerned physicians and health professionals seeking to use nutrition to improve and maintain health, and engage in dietary guidelines advocacy. Having a cause that you believe in can help focus you, motivate you and push you to work even harder.

Managing time and energy

Melissa runs her home like a business and efficiency is at the top of that list. By hiring out help, Melissa has more time to focus on her business and her family, as well as home-schooling curriculums  and extracurricular activities. Dishes, laundry and tidying are no longer added to her to do list and her personal assistant helps her stay organized. 

What else can other businesses owners or entrepreneurs take away from Melissa’s story? Here are her top 3 pieces of advice:

  1. Make connections in your community
  2. Learn and share with others
  3. Have integrity in everything you do

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know! Crystal will continue to interview clients and share their stories through our blogs and newsletters.