To Ride or Not to Ride

Top 3 Reasons to Insure Recreational Vehicles Over the Winter
To Ride or Not to Ride | CM Connect Blog

To Ride or Not to Ride

Winter and Autumn seem to be disagreeing on which season it is right now, but one thing we know for sure is that Summer is definitely over. 

So why keep insuring your motorcycle and other seasonal vehicles? 

These types of vehicles are not normally driven in the winter months, and when looking at the annual cost of insurance, the bulk of liability and collision costs are consumed in the summer. 

Summer is traditionally “riding time” (although in the Hat we can be lucky enough to still ride as late as December and as early as February), but since your insurance already accounts for time spent in storage, you’re not spending additional costs to cover it over the winter months. 

Here are our top 3 reasons why it make sense to insure recreational vehicles over the winter.
It’s Cost Effective

At Crystal Metz Insurance Agency, we spread your payments out equally over 12 months. This way your payments are easier to budget, and won’t feel like you’ve been hit by, well, a motorcycle come summer time. 

It’s Less Work

It is easier and more convenient for you to keep your recreational vehicle insured all year round. Why bother with cancelling and restarting every 6 months when you could simply scratch it off your to-do list right now?

It’s Convenient

Medicine Hat is considered the Sunniest City in Canada, not to mention the warm winter chinooks we seem to get so often. If there is good riding weather, even for just one day, you're free to hit the open prairie road.

If you're a snowbird or like to travel with your bike, you can head down to a warmer destination and ride without a care in the world, no matter the month!

Some companies only insure motorcycles and other recreational vehicles on a 6 month policy that could start in April, and end in October.  When your motorcycle is insured with Crystal Metz Insurance Agency, your bike is ready to ride year round. In addition to this freedom, your bike will also remain insured for fire, theft and vandalism during the winter.

To Ride or Not to Ride

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