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Our City In Colour

Fundraising Update!

So far we have been able to put $814.00 back into our Community in support of the Be YOUth Centre, Medicine Hat SPCA and Medicine Hat Food Bank.

Thank you!

Like many local business owners, I try and give back to our community every way that I can; and also as a local business owner, I cannot say yes to everyone.  I started looking at all of the youth organizations that reached out to my company for small to large amounts of support and figured that there had to be a better way.  Youth organizations are always fundraising, and many of the fundraisers provide their group with little profit.  A lot of what is received from local supporters goes to expense, for the youth organization and the support, it is many times a lose-lose situation.

Our City In Colour - Fundraising Colouring Books

This colouring book is special in many ways.  All of the drawings inside were hand drawn by local artist Cale Cooper, he did a fantastic job of capturing local well known landmarks in Medicine Hat and area.  The cover was digitally coloured and the layout of the colouring book was completed by Tag Concepts, and all of the books were printed by Prime Printing.  The crossword and word find was created by me, so if there is a mistake, well I just made it that much trickier ;)  

City in colour crayons

The goal is that all youth organizations have the ability to raise money by selling these books for $4.00 a piece, keeping every single penny.  In order to achieve this I reached out to my good friends and huge community supporters, Chris and Tracy Hellman, owners of Mr.Lube and asked if they would split the cost of this project; without hesitation they agreed :)  

Organizations do not have to pre-pay for the colouring books, there is no back and forth administration.  I believe in the honour system and simply ask each organization to complete a short final report so that we can keep track of how much is being raised and ensure no colouring books go to waste.  

We hope to see this colouring book raise $4000.00 each year for local youth organizations in our community and see it continue to grow into a sustainable giving program.

Some may ask, "why a colouring book?"  

Our City In Colour

Technology is everywhere, life seems to move faster every single day, and I believe that with every change, kids and even adults need to slow down sometimes......and just colour.

If you are part of a youth organization and would like to raise funds by selling Our City In Colour, please follow this link to our online sign up form.

To everyone who helped make this a reality, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Crystal Metz